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All parts are proudly made in the USA and are assembled and packaged in Red Oak, Iowa, USA.

The mirror actually grips this very narrow temple satisfactorily, probably because of the curve near the lens.

Adaptation for mounting on temples 7 to 9mm thick.

Visit the Instruction page for details.


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Curtis Svarstad, Irene, SD: "I have been using Safety Sport for 10 Years or so. They are the best by far! I prefer the 3/4" mirror to the larger mirror. The smaller mirror is very precise. I see what I need to see, and not everything else. The smaller mirror does not block forward view as much as larger mirrors.”

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Safety Sport Mirror Co. Owner Wayne Donohue registered as an eighty-year-old in a 12-hour race 9/1/12

(When Wayne owned his bike shop he bought mirrors directly from Mr Chaney.)

Dave Chaney, inventor of the Safety Sort Mirror

An avid cyclist, Dave invented the Safety Sport Mirror after being struck from behind by a truck.

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Product Description

The Safety Sport Mirror mounts firmly because the rubber block grips eyeglass temples and helmet visors. 1/2 or the rubber block is hollow.

The real flat-glass mirror gives an undistorted view and accurate judgment of distance.

It will even mount on fine wire glasses temples as long as they have a hinge long enough for the ¾” long rubber block to grip. Some use this mirror for walking and other activities. For this purpose it can also be mounted on a cap. It also mounts on some glasses that don’t have this hinge area.

The mounting arm can be bent by the user for a custom fit. (See bending instructions on Instructions page.)

There is no vibration from wind or rough road surfaces when mounted on eyeglasses.

There will be some movement when it is mounted on a helmet visor if the helmet doesn’t fit snugly.

For those living in countries where traffic drives on the left, this mirror mounts just as well on the right.

Available in black and white plastic in addition to the colors in the picture below.

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