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Patty Randall, Aspen, CO: "I recently rode in a lot of winds at high speeds, and the mirror did not budge, unlike my old one."

James Hodges, Purcellville, VA: "I am finding your mirrors to be a great addition to my riding.  Last weekend I did a training ride of 276 miles in the mountains of WV.  The mirror remains in position unless I need to adjust it."

T. S. Street, Louisville, OH: “Not only am I happy with the mirror, but I'm so pleased that I'm going to order another one. Its not often I buy a product that I am totally satisfied with. I will show some dealers in my area and spread the word with the cycling clubs I belong to. Thanks a lot.”

Curtis Svarstad, Irene, SD: "I have been using Safety Sport for 10 Years or so. They are the best by far! I prefer the 3/4" mirror to the larger mirror. The smaller mirror is very precise. I see what I need to see, and not everything else. The smaller mirror does not block forward view as much as larger mirrors.”

Patricia Elson, Santa Clara, CA, thought this mirror was no longer available until she did an Internet search for it. She must be buying them for her friends. This is a message she included with her order for four mirrors: “I've been using a Safety Sport Mirror for the last 25 years. It is the greatest! It is secure and precisely adjustable with the mirror in a spot where you can easily see it, unlike some helmet-mounted mirrors. Thanks for making these wonderful mirrors available. Please send me four mirrors.” (Pat later ordered five more mirrors.)

Sharon Willson, Decatur, TX: “I got my mirror yesterday and it's WONDERFUL! It was a gift for my boyfriend and he couldn't be more pleased. He has tried several others that he didn't like.  When I get my bike, I'll be ordering another one for me.”

John Enzweiler, Moorpark, CA: “I picked up my first mirror on RAGBRAI many years ago.  It still works fine but I am ordering one for a friend so I thought I would get a new one at this time.  At this point I would have a hard time riding without a mirror.  Many thanks, John”  (John later ordered ten mirrors)

Jeff Wallace, Boulder, CO: “I find the Safety Sport Mirror with its undistorted, high-quality mirror perfect for easily and quickly gauging the traffic behind me, whether it is a car or a bike.” (Jeff later reordered.)

Rahel Sivan, Findlay, OH: “I am Deaf and use a walker. By mounting your small mirror to my eyeglasses, I am now able to walk safely and freely anywhere I choose.”

Bonnie Lynch, Palm Desert, CA: “I love the mirror Wayne! Tried it this morning on our club ride and it worked great. I thought I might have to adjust a little to it being smaller but I see all I saw before when using a much bigger mirror. Great product, I will be sure to tell the people I ride with. Thanks a bunch.”

(Bonnie has become a dealer for the Safety Sport Mirror.)

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