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Mounting is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

On heavy bows, first slide the mounting block over the end and then slide it forward.

Running hot water over the rubber block helps on extra wide bows

On thin bows, slide the mirror onto the bow anywhere, and then slide it forward.

Bending Instructions

The Safety Sport Mirror can be bent for a custom fit. Holding the plastic mounting arm at each end, it can be bent as far as 120° at room temperature or warmer. When it is released, it will return to about half that angle.

   1. Bend 90° or more to the left for eyeglasses, as far as 180° to the right for use    on a helmet visor.

   2. To bend to sharper angles, hold the mounting arm under hot water for about half a minute. Then bend the plastic mounting arm to about twice the desired angle. When it is released, it will return to about half that angle.

      3. Hold it under cold water to set the arm in the desired position. It will then stay at that angle.

Don’t be afraid of breaking the plastic. If it should break, email me a picture of it, and I’ll mail you a new part at no charge.

Last Revised 09/24/18

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Can also be mounted on caps bills