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I bought my first Safety Sport Mirror through a Bicycling Magazine classified ad in the 1980s and began selling them soon after I opened my bike shop in 1991. The inventor, Dave Chaney, had retired and was no longer atively marketing the mirror. Each spring I called him, and ordered a supply for the season, and each time I called him, he tried to sell the mirror business to me. At the time I was too busy with the bike shop to consider buying another business, so I kept turning him down. After telling this story to a customer, he facilitated a sale of the Safety Sport Mirror Co. to Nishna Productions, Inc. in Red Oak, IA. I sold the mirror on a website for Nishna Productions until 2012 when they decided that this business no longer fit their mission. It was at that time that I learned that they had decided that they would no longer produce and sell this mirror.

Some will remember Victor Kiam who, when his wife bought him a Remington razor, bought the Remington Company. He made all of his own TV commercials saying, “I liked it so much I bought the company.”

Well, I liked this mirror so much that I couldn’t just let it become extinct, so I bought the company.

Wayne Donohue

Owner of the Safety Sport Mirror Company, Red Oak, Iowa, USA


Read an article about Dave Chaney’s invention published

in People Magazine in 1976

 Dave’s invention was also written up in the Wall Street Journal.

Below is an article that announced the purchase of the Safety Sport Mirror business by Nishna Productions, Inc. in 1998. The blue print is comments and corrections by Wayne Donohue.

Nishna Productions, Inc. Purchases

Safety Sport Mirror Business!


Nishna Productions, Inc. has purchased a Safety Sport Mirror business. This product was developed to provide rear view sight to cyclists, rowers, and other sports enthusiasts, who need to increase the safety of their activity. The mirror attaches either to glasses or a helmet. (This worked on the old hard-shell Bell Biker helmet in the picture, but on today’s helmets it only mounts on their visors.) Like eyes in the back of your head, the Safety Sport Mirror allows you to play it safe.

The business was developed as a major part of NPI's vision for the future. The agency desires to implement a fis­cal support system that is much less reliant on taxpayer's dollars for continued existence. The plan's purpose is to enhance the agency's ability to survive finan­cially, and to create new employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The business was purchased in 1998 and is being marketed this year. The parts are being made by a vendor and then are assembled and packaged by NPI consumers. Agency staff will be involved in the marketing of the finished product. This product is part of a major plan for the agency to move toward the own­ership and management of several affirmative businesses in the community.

Historically, the business was developed by David Chaney of Peach Tree, Georgia, ten years ago.  Mr. Chaney got the idea when a truck hit his bicycle from the rear. After seven­teen days in the hospital and six months on crutches, he went to work developing the Safety Sport Mirror. He was an avid cyclist and marketed the mirror extensively. His biggest customer was Schwinn. Over 300,000 units were sold before illness struck him, and he had little time to promote the prod­uct. For the last few years, he has only serviced loyal accounts.

          (It was Peach Tree City, Georgia, and Dave began selling the mirror in 1973.

          His accident was in about 1969.)

The idea to purchase this business was given to NPI by Steve Adams, former Executive Director of the Montgomery County Development Corporation, and Wayne Donohue, owner of Donohue's Bicycle Shop in Stanton.

Grant funding for technical assistance for business devel­opment has been obtained through the Iowa Department of Economic Development Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities Program. This has allowed NPI to hire Linda Cummings, C/S Vocational Consultants, Ankeny, Iowa, and Lynn Adams, Fantasia Marketing, Red Oak, Iowa, to help with product development and marketing.


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